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Wireless Fence

The Premier Pet™ Wireless Fence keeps your dog safely in your yard without the hassle of digging trenches or burying wire. During the quick setup (one to two hours), you will be able to adjust the size of the circular boundary to the size that best fits your yard, up to ½ acre. The system works by delivering a warning tone, through the receiver collar, as your dog approaches the boundary to remind him/her to head back to the house. If your dog continues away from the house, a static correction will be delivered at the level you choose that works best for your dog’s temperament. After two weeks of training, your dog will learn the boundary, allowing both you and your dog to enjoy the yard freely.

This product is covered by Premier Pet's 1-Year Warranty.
Contains up to ½ acre with a circular boundary
1 tone only mode for training and 5 adjustable levels of static correction
Low battery indicator lets you know when to change the replaceable collar battery (GAC11-16351)
Waterproof receiver collar with an adjustable nylon strap up to 27 in.
Expandable to contain an unlimited number of dogs, 6 months and older weighing more than 8 lb. with the Premier Pet Wireless Add-A-Dog® collar (GIF00-16348)