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Wireless Add-A-Dog®

The Premier Pet™ Wireless Add-A-Dog® collar allows you to expand your current Premier Pet™ Wireless Fence to contain any number of dogs, or can be used as a replacement or extra receiver collar. When first taken out of the box, this collar will be set to tone only mode for training. Use the button to cycle through the static correction levels, choosing the level that works best for your dog’s temperament. Test at the boundary, then simply fit the collar on your dog. It will work with your containment system, giving a tone when your dog first approaches the boundary, and then a static correction if he/she does not turn back to the house. Once trained, you and your dog will be able to enjoy your yard safely and freely.

This product is covered by Premier Pet's 1-Year Warranty.
Additional, extra or replacement receiver collar only, for your Premier Pet™ Wireless Fence
1 tone only mode for training and 5 adjustable levels of static correction
Low battery indicator lets you know when to change the replaceable battery (GAC11-16351)
Waterproof with an adjustable nylon strap up to 27 in.
For dogs 6 months and older weighing more than 8 lb.