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Auto-Clean™ Litter Box System

The Premier Pet® Auto-Clean Litter Box System keeps you and your cat happy with a clean litter box that doesn’t need to be scooped. Simply fill with clumping clay litter, line the waste bin with any bag, and plug in the box. The litter filled bowl will slowly turn, bringing waste to the conveyor belt that will transfer it from the bowl into the waste bin for an easy, mess-free disposal. An activated carbon filter absorbs the odors of the contained waste to provide an added layer of odor control. Top off the bowl with extra litter as needed and replace the litter at least once a month to keep your cat happy and to maintain a fresh smelling home.

Self-cleaning litter box reduces odor with no scooping
Keeps waste locked away and uses carbon filters to absorb odors
Whisper-quiet system won’t scare your cat
Quick, hygienic cleanup removable waste bin can be lined with a bag for a mess-free disposal
Designed to work with any clumping clay litter
Best for cats under 15 lb.