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Premium Crystal Litter Value 2 Pack - Original Scent

The Premier Pet® Premium Crystal Litter helps keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh and clean. Each pre-portioned bag of crystals provide superior odor control for weeks by absorbing moisture and dehydrating waste on contact. They keep your litter box area cleaner as well with a 99% dust free makeup and lower tracking. Transitioning your cat from clay litter to crystal litter is simple and most cats adapt quickly. Choose between the fresh Original scent, the soothing, light Lavender scent or the perfume and dye free Sensitive formula. One bag should last one month in a single cat household keeping you and your cat happy with a fresh smelling home. The crystal litter does work with any traditional litter box, but is most effective when used with the Premier Pet® Dual Fresh Litter Box System.

Quickly absorbs odors for long-lasting freshness
99% dust free and low tracking to keep your litter box area cleaner
Easily train your cat from clay to crystals
Two 4.3 lb. bags are included; one bag of crystal litter is equivalent to 18 lb. of clay litter
Works with the Premier Pet® Dual-Fresh Litter Box System or any traditional litter box